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STSTN’s first official Paediatric Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Meeting on Monday 23 January had a fantastic turnout. Thank you to the speakers and attendees for taking part. All agreed that it was an incredibly productive and useful meeting and we are looking to holding other events in the future.

A PDF of each presentation is available to download below.

Please note: these presentations are for information purposes only. Copyright remains with the authors who have kindly given permission to publish here.  Copying and redistrbution is strictly prohibited.

Pohl_Paed Meet_27 Jan_Neurological issues (PDF 468kb)

Wright_Paed Meet_27 Jan_Enuresis (PDF 514kb)

Inusa_Paed Meet_27 Jan_Osteomyeltis (PDF 219kb)

Booth_Paed Meet_27 Jan 12_Vaccinations (PDF 194kb)





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