Upcoming Events

ASCAT Conference, 17 Nov 2017

SELSEHCC organises a variety of events to reflect the training, educational and peer-support needs of healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with sickle cell disease and thalassaemia. Currently, we offer events based on the following:

  1. NetworkSupport and Educational Meetings: these events are open to consultants, trainees and other healthcare professionals within the SELSEHCC region only. SELSEHCC was established to offer an educational and peer-support forum with space to discuss clinical and administrative issues within the region to help develop better working practices, to produce network-wide clinical guidelines and to improve the patient experience.
  2. Conferences and Events: we hold a number of paid-for educational days throughout the year, which are open to everyone. Examples include the hugely successful Sickle Cell in Focus (now in its 7th year), the Annual Advanced Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Conference, and Exam Revision Days for specialist haematology trainees. We also hold special educational days, such as the recent Transcranial Doppler event. If you are a healthcare professional and wish to be kept up to date about our events and courses please check for upcoming events. You can also email us at


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