Marilyn Telen SCiF 2013

Marilyn Telen_2013 photoDr. Telen graduated with a B.A. cum laude from Vassar College and received her medical degree from NYU.  After residency in Internal Medicine at SUNY Buffalo and fellowship in Hematology and Immunohematology at Duke University, she joined the faculty of Duke in 1983. She became Chief of the Division of Hematology in 1995 and was appointed Wellcome Professor of Medicine in 2001. She also serves as Director of the Duke Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center and Associate Director of the Duke Hospital Transfusion Service.

Dr. Telen’s research focuses on the field of red cell membrane protein biochemistry and genetics and spans the clinical disciplines of transfusion medicine and hematology.  Dr. Telen has made substantial contributions to both of these areas, including identification of the biochemical basis of several blood group antigens and identification of red cell adhesion receptors. Her most recent work has focused on the role of red cell adhesion molecules in human disease, especially sickle cell disease, and on genetic variation that affects clinical outcomes in sickle cell disease.  In addition, Dr. Telen continues to conduct clinical research in sickle cell disease and transfusion medicine.


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