Adult Meeting 27 Jan 2012

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STSTN’s first Adult Meeting was a great success. Thank you to the speakers and attendees who contributed to the meeting.

A PDF of each presentation is available to download below.

 Please note: these presentations are for information purposes only. Copyright remains with the authors who have kindly given permission to publish here.  Copying and redistrbution is strictly prohibited.




Thein_Adult Meet_27 Jan_Intro and ToR (PDF 170kb)

Howard_Adult Meet_27 Jan_Peer Review (PDF 52kb)

Sharpe_Adult Meet_27 Jan_Renal Comp (PDF 650kb)

Yeghen_Adult Meet_27 Jan_Hydroxycarbamide (PDF 167kb)

Howard_Adult Meet_27 Jan_PeriopTAPS (PDF 118kb)

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